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Prepare for tomorrow's repairs, today

Typical used car reports only tell you about repairs that have already occurred. Only CarBeast Foresight tells you about repairs that you may soon need.

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Informed Decisions for Your Next Car

Before choosing a car, get a Foresight report. Foresight helps anticipate possible repairs so that you can make better decisions regarding the ownership and upkeep of a car.

An Oracle for Your Current Car

A foresight report shows you the repairs your car may need, their costs, and whether they could snowball into larger problems. Discuss them with your mechanic to keep your car in good condition. Or decide to trade in the car.

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Customized Predictions

Each Foresight report is based on a car’s attributes such as:

You can further adjust each forecast by providing additional information about repairs that have already been performed.

CarBeast then uses all this information to provide:

Future Repairs

A ranked set of repairs that you can expect over a given mileage range, along with likelihoods, costs and several other measures.1


Convenient and quick access to your car’s maintenance schedule for routine items like oil changes and tire rotations.2

Segment Comparison

Check if a car is more likely or less likely to have problems compared to other cars in its class.

How Does It Work?

CarBeast Foresight uses millions of repair records to create a forecast for a car. Our proprietary technology makes use of car attributes, problem descriptions and technician notes, and uses that information to predict future repair needs.

1. Based on available data. Actual prices may vary.

2. Available for some cars.