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CarBeast Insight combs through millions of repair records to look for cases similar to yours. Cutting-edge artificial intelligence uses those records to provide a list of repairs most likely to fix your problem. Tap into the experience of tens of thousands of auto mechanics before you go to the repair shop.

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Instant Diagnosis

CarBeast uses every relevant piece of information about your car and symptom to provide a diagnosis.

Avoid Repeat Visits

Save time and money by making sure your problem gets fixed right the first time. Discuss CarBeast’s diagnosis with your mechanic and make sure all likely root-causes are considered.

Get Price Estimates

CarBeast provides price estimates for various repairs to help avoid unpleasant surprises.1

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Diagnosis and Repair Suggestions

CarBeast Insight shows a ranked list of repairs, tailored to your car and symptom. Each suggested repair is shown along with its likelihood and approximate cost. All relevant factors are used to come up with the diagnosis including the symptom, model, model year, location and more.

Follow Up Questions

Relevant follow up questions help refine the diagnosis.

Component Descriptions and Diagrams

Don't know what an AC Condenser is? CarBeast Insight shows diagrams and descriptions of car components to help you better understand the diagnosis.

Related Symptoms and Repairs

Find out which repairs are frequently performed together. For example, an AC compressor replacement may also require an AC recharge. This provides a better picture of the repairs your technician may suggest. Similarly, some car symptoms often occur together and may be worth discussing with your mechanic.

How Does It Work?

CarBeast Insight uses millions of repair records to provide a diagnosis for your car problems. Our proprietary technology makes sense of symptom descriptions and technician repair notes. It then uses that information to find cases similar to the one you're facing to provide a diagnosis.

1. Based on available data. Actual prices may vary.